Father’s Day Project – June 1st-June 16th

Join us in supporting PEACE Initiative in their San Antonio Father’s Day Project by making a pledge!

So if you are a Dad who strongly believes in the cause and/or you have a Dad or husband/brother/cousin/friend (who is a Dad) who supports the cause, please consider participating. To participate, just answer the questions below (a few words per questions will suffice) and submit a high resolution photo of you and your children to: fatheringforalifetime@gmail.com. Submissions should be sent by June 16th 2016, but preferable as soon as possible.

Pledges will be published and released on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19th 2016 on our website < https://fatheringforalifetime.wordpress.com/>

Fathers from San Antonio pledge and commit about the joy of being a Dad while promising to be the best Fathers they can be thus, promoting a more peaceful society.

The Fathering for a Lifetime – The San Antonio Father’s Day Project digital campaign is a platform for Dads who support a peaceful society, free of violence and machismo, and to share their ideas, opinions and solutions on being the absolute best Father they can be. This particularly includes stopping and preventing violence against women, promoting acceptance and positivity in our community, and encouraging a nurturing and loving atmosphere for our children.



1. What is your first name and your child’s/children’s first name(s)? 

2. What is the best thing about being a dad/mentor to you? 

3. Talk about the legacy you would like to leave for your son/child; who do you want your young person to be and how would you like him or her to give to society? 

4. What is some of your advice to other Father’s and role models to be the best Dad’s they can be?